Premio Amici della Musica di Verona 2023

International Music Competition under 35 

for soloists and chamber groups up to 5 members

In collaboration with Steinway Society and Società  Letteraria di Verona

Direttore Artistico Federico Gianello

I risultati dell'edizione 2023 saranno pubblicati a breve, entro il 15 dicembre sul sito web e verranno comunicati ai finalisti via email.
Complimenti a tutti i finalisti!

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introduction to the competition

The competition is held in two phases:
- the first one online, via video, in anonymous form: during this phase the names of the candidates will not be published;
- the second one takes place in presence in form of a concert.

The Premio Amici della Musica di Verona is held annually. L’edizione 2023 vedrà protagonisti i finalisti, selezionati tra solisti e gruppi da camera, che avranno l’opportunità di esibirsi nelle belle sale della Società Letteraria di Verona.

The application deadline is March 21, 2023..

The results of the online pre-selection will be announced by March 28, 2023. Only the names of candidates admitted to the final stage will be announced.

I concerti che costituiscono la fase finale del Premio, si terranno di domenica pomeriggio con inizio alle ore 17:00, secondo il seguente calendario:

14 maggio, 28 maggio, 3 settembre, 17 settembre, 1 ottobre, 15 ottobre, 29 ottobre. Eventuali variazioni di date saranno concordate con largo preavviso.

The jury will evaluate the performances by having the opportunity to hear the concerts in person or remotely, even at different times. In case of ex aequo evaluations, the organization reserves the right to hold an additional rehearsal, also in concert form.

The competition is open to musicians from all countries who have not reached the age of 36 by the date of registration; for ensembles the average age of all members on the date of entry is considered.

Soloists and chamber groups from duo to quintet can take part in the competition. Electronic and amplified instruments, prepared piano and two pianos are not allowed.

It is allowed to register more than once to participate with different formations, also in the same edition.

Transcriptions and arrangements can be performed, while simplified versions are not allowed.

Improvisation is not allowed.

Performance by heart is not required.

Candidates registering as soloists undertake to perform in the Final Round only pieces for solo instrument, without accompaniment. Musicians who require accompaniment (by piano or other instrument) must register as a duo and will be judged as such.

The registration fee is € 50,00 for each participant. 

The competition is held in two phases: Preliminary Round via video, anonymously (names of candidates will not be made public); Final Round will take place in presence, in form of a concert. The organization reserves the right to hold an additional rehearsal, also in form of a concert.

For the Preliminary Round, it is necessary to send the link of a video or playlist, amateur or professional, containing a free program lasting a minimum of 12 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes uploaded to YouTube as 'unlisted'. The files, containing one or more pieces even taken at different times, may be longer in duration, however the Jury will evaluate the performances by interrupting the listening at exactly minute 20. Together with the video and the information required for registration, candidates must send with the application the musical repertoire proposed for the Final Round.

During the Preliminary Round, it is possible to perform single movements and extracts from larger compositions.

During this phase, out of respect for the privacy and image of the candidates, all applications are anonymous and only the candidates admitted to the Final Round will be published.

The Final Round of the competition will take place in form of a concert in the beautiful hall of Società Letteraria di Verona right in front of the Arena. Amici della Musica di Verona will be the host of an entire recital lasting around between 60 and 65 minutes, with a free choice program.

The repertoire chosen for the Final Round may include pieces already played in the preselection video. During the Final Round,it is not possible to perform single movements, complete works must be performed in their entirety (e.g. sonata form). It is possible to perform excerpts from large anthologies.

The prizes will be awarded on the occasion of the award-concerts, which will be agreed directly with the artistic direction of Amici della Musica di Verona.

Competitors must provide the requested personal information, and be up to date with the payment of the registration fee. The lack of those may at any time invalidate the participation in the competition and subsequently the prize.

The rights to any audio and video recordings , photographs or streaming, radio or television broadcasts are property of the Premio Amici della Musica di Verona and do not give the right to any compensation.

In case of unexpected events, the management reserves the right to postpone or cancel the competition. In case of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded.

Registration for the competition implies the tacit consent of what is indicated in the regulation.

Applications by March 21, 2023.

The registration form is available on this website by clicking on the APPLY icon on the top right of this website. Here candidates will be prompted:

  • the personal data of each performer (ensembles must insert one single telephone number and e-mail address);
  • a copy of a valid identity document for each performer;
  • a brief artistic resume (curriculum vitae) of the soloist or the ensemble as a group;
  • an artistic picture of the soloists or the ensemble as a group;
  • un file contenente il programma proposto per il concerto della Prova Finale;
  • the link of the performance uploaded on YouTube as 'unlisted‘;
  • the receipt of the registration fee of € 50,00 for each participant to be paid to:

IBAN: IT62O0503411702000000005262
AT: BANCO BPM S.P.A. (05034)
ADDRESS: Corso Porta Nuova, 4 – 37122 Verona, Italia

OBJECT OF PAYMENT: SURNAME and NAME of the candidate making the payment


Bank commissions are paid by the competitors and incomplete amounts are not accepted. In case of a candidate’s withdrawal, registration fee is not refundable.

La seconda fase del concorso si tiene in forma di concerto di domenica pomeriggio con inizio alle ore 17:00, presso la Società Letteraria di Verona, in Piazzetta Scalette Rubiani 1, secondo il seguente calendario:

Complete concert calendar of the Final Round
of the 2023 Edition:

Sunday, May 14

Sunday, May 28

domenica 3 settembre,

 Sunday, September 17

Sunday, October 1

domenica 15 ottobre,

domenica 29 ottobre.

Any changes in dates will be agreed upon with advance notice.

Dates of the Final Rehearsal will be agreed upon based on mutual availability. Candidates selected to play in the Finale Round will be asked to indicate any dates on which they will not be able to perform.

The convocation will be at 14:00 pm in order to fulfill the organization formalities; afterwards it will be possible to try the piano and the acoustics of the room. Any delays must be promptly communicated. Candidates who arrive unjustified late may lose the right to perform, without the possibility of reimbursement.

Non-Italian candidates admitted to the Final Round undertake to provide A1 Form issued by the authorities of their country.

In case of force majeure the concert dates may be subject to variations. Any changes will be communicated in advance.

Candidates must perform a free choice program lasting between 60 and 65 minutes.

The organization provides the Steinway & Sons baby grand piano.

The selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail to arrange, as far as possible, with the artistic direction the dates of the final rehearsals. At the same time, useful travel information will be provided.

Each candidate will be paid a gross remuneration of € 100.

L’organizzazione proporrà ai candidati ed eventuali accompagnatori l’alloggio presso una struttura extra alberghiera vicino alla sede del concorso ad un prezzo convenzionato: €40 per la camera singola, €60 per la camera doppia, €90 per la camera tripla.

The Jury of every edition is composed of renowned musicians, who make up the Artistic Comitee of Amici della Musica di Verona. 

The decisions of the Jury are final. The Jury reserves the right to not award the Prize if it deems the candidates not deserving.

The Jury may award special prizes to particularly deserving individual musicians.

In the remote case of didactic relationships or kinship affinity with the candidates, the Juror is asked to abstain from voting.

Every year the Jury will select a winner who will be invited to give a concert in the following Amici della Musica di Verona season.

Prizes will be awarded at the prize-concerts.

The economic value of the prize will be € 2,000.00 for the soloists, € 3,000.00 for the duo and trio and € 4,000.00 for the quartet and quintet.

By accepting the prize, winners undertake to guarantee the concerts assigned: if they do not fulfill this commitment, the prize will be canceled and eventually assigned to another soloist or chamber group indicated by the Jury.

Particularly deserving artists will be reported to national and international concert societies to promote their concert activity and career.

The artistic relationship with Amici della Musica di Verona may also be extended in the following years for other productions and may also concern non- awarded artists, who have received a recommendation from the Jury.

The prizes will be awarded in memory of the Masters Guido Begal, Carlo Bologna, Laura Palmieri, Juan Carlos Rybin, Lazlò Spezzaferri, Paolo Rigoli, and other important artistic figures that have determined the musical life of Verona and contributed to the centennial history of our association.

Duo Sebastianutto Bonini
Christian Sebastianutto, violino
Daniele Bonini, pianoforte 


Trio Eidos
Ivos Margoni, violino
Stefano Bruno, violoncello
Giulia Loperfido, pianoforte

Quartetto Eridáno
Davide Torrente, violino
Sofia Gimelli, violino
Carlo Bonicelli, viola
Chiara Piazza, violoncello

Giulia Contaldo, pianoforte

Trio Rigamonti
Mariella Rigamonti, violino
Emanuele Rigamonti, violoncello
Miriam Rigamonti, pianoforte

Trio Chimera
Stefano Raccagni, violino
Giorgio Lucchini, violoncello
Marta Ceretta, pianoforte

Duo Sebastianutto – Bonini
Christian Sebastianutto, violino

Daniele Bonini, pianoforte


Quartetto Werther

Misia Iannoni Sebastianini, violin
Martina Santarone, viola
Vladimir Bogdanovic, cello
Antonino Fiumara, pianoforte


Quartetto Werther
Misia Iannoni Sebastianini, violin
Martina Santarone, viola
Vladimir Bogdanovic, cello
Antonino Fiumara, pianoforte

Eleonora De Poi, violin
Massimiliano Turchi, piano

Timothy Hopkins, cello

Duo Porrovecchio – Badon
Riccardo Porrovecchio, violino
Gianluca Badon, pianoforte

Eric Seohyun Moon, viola

Quantum Clarinet Trio
Elena Veronesi, clarinet
Johannes Przygodda, cello
Bokyung Kim, pianoforte

Davidoff Trio
Johannes Wendel, violin
Christoph Lamprecht, cello
Yona Sophia Jutzi, piano

Martina Consonni, piano

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